"Dale is outstanding, thorough with repairs and tuning, and I highly recommend his professional services. Thank you so much!"

Nancy O'Sullivan May 18, 2014

Hello Dale,

I've been looking a very long time (years) for replacement ivory for my upright piano. I only got the internet a few weeks ago and I searched for ivory and I came up with your web site. By the way, thank you for the extra 12th ivory! I received them in the mail today and I replaced my missing keys right away! It was very annoying to play the piano with the keys missing so I haven't been playing it that much. But now it's a different story.

My upright piano was purchased by my grandfather in 1904. My grandmother gave piano lessons on it for years. My father learned on that piano as did myself when I was a kid. (I'm 61 years young now.) The piano is an Ahlstrom from Jamestown New York. The Ahlstrom company was in business from 1875 to 1926. The piano is in good shape and I had it worked on "overhauled" about 15 years ago.

Just wanted to let you know that your keys went to a good home! I played 3 Beatle songs tonight ! She Loves You, All My Loving, & And Your Bird Can Sing. I need practice because I'm a very rusty, but It will come back - yea, yea, yea!

Yours truly,
Walter Gifford 10/26/2012

"Thank you for all the awesome work you've done over the years with our church pianos Dale. I/We appreciate your skilled, dedicated expertise. You are a valuable resource and your work speaks for itself! Thank you!"

Thomas Reynolds
October 15, 2010

"Like what you've done with the site!!! You're one of the best!!"

Phil & Edee Lund
August 08, 2010

"Dale, WhJimat a well done website! Congratulations!"

Jim Wheeler
July 01, 2010

"Hi Dale--just getting my email address to you-thanks-Nancy."

Nancy Sydow-Seventh-day Adventist Church
March 05, 2010

"Holy Buckets!! What hit this web page?? You are totally professional now ... along with being really good at what you do!!! Love it! Particularly the link to find good sheet music!!! Thanks for all the good work!"

Phil & Edee Lund
October 27, 2009

"Thanks for your great service, Dale! I recommend you to all of my students for any tuning or repair needs that they may have. ~Ashley Hodapp"

Ashley Hodapp
September 29, 2009

"We've had our piano tuned by Dale before we started traveling and it's lasted three years!!! No bad keys... and it sounds great! Can't believe it."

Phil & Edee Lund
September 08, 2009

"Hi Dale!! You beat me to a website now I have to get my act together!! :)"

KRKB Music
September 03, 2009

"Hey Dale! Dig the new happy to see it up and running. the music sounds great! Catch you down the road my friend!"

Lance Benson
September 02, 2009