Bemidji Music Studio
Our motto, "Providing a positive musical experience in a warm and nurturing environment" is what Bemidji Music Studio strives to maintain. We are proud to offer affordable music lessons in the Bemidji area. Our comprehensive program gives the musician in your family a well rounded, enjoyable experience." Please give them a call today to schedule your lessons!

Overbeeks Electronics and Music
Contact them for all your electronic and stereo needs. They also have music lessons and music available.

Dampp Chaser
The Piano Life Saver System...

  • Stabilizes piano tuning, maintaining pitch and markedly extending the life of piano tunings
  • Minimizes the expansion and contraction of action parts which provides optimum touch and predictable keyboard control
  • Prevents rust on the strings and metal parts
  • Minimizes felt deterioration, reducing the harsh tones that come from flattened hammer felt in low humidity or the muffled tones from swollen hammer felt in high humidity
  • Minimizes glue failure throughout the piano
  • Protects your investment year after year

Lance Benson
Lance Benson is a very talented young man who started very early in life with a dedicated focus on music. He has written many songs and recorded a number of CD's. Lance will definately provide you with heartfelt music that has life's trials and tribulations interwoven with peaceful relaxing moments.

Band Instrument Repair:
Contact Craig Haugen at (218) 835-4137 or for all your band instrument repair needs. He has several years of expert experience and advise for the care and repair of your band instrument, old or new!

Young Composers
Young Composers is a place where composers and musicians of all ages can communicate, share, and collaborate with others on the subjects of music, composition, performance and repertoire. This site is home to many people of different experiences and styles, and is an excellent resource for all musicians.

Jim Labb Pianos
This is a great website for quality pianos and other helpful information.

Pierce Piano Resource
This is a website for decals and other helpful piano information.

Blue Book for Pianos
This is a very helpful sight with answers to many of your piano questions.

Piano History
Over the course history of the piano, there have been some bright spots, some high points of popularity for the boxy instrument with its checkerboard keys.

Piano Wikied
From Wikipedia...............

Piano Types
The piano comes in many different styles, designs, shapes and sizes. Pianos have two basic categories: the vertical and horizontal pianos.

Piano Information
This is a very helpful sight for piano information.

Yamaha Serial Lookup
Yamaha serial number chart if you are curious about your Yamaha.