The following are services of Goodyear Piano Service:

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Piano Tuning - Keep your piano tuned to A440. Pianos should be tuned at least once a year. It will sound the best and makes it adaptable to accompany any instrument.

Piano Repairs- Keep your piano in good working order to get the most out of your investment. Sticky keys, keys not sounding, and sounds that are out of sync are indications of repairs needing to be done.

Piano Regulation- A well regulated piano is a pleasure to play. Getting frustrated with keys that are not working discourages musicians. Regulating the action of your piano makes it easier to play and is less wear and tear on the action.

New Piano Keyboard Recovering- Replace those old chipped ivories with new Ivorine and add richness and beauty to your whole piano. The black keys can be replaced or refinished also.

The Piano Climate Control Systems by Dampp Chaser. This system is for humidity control in your piano. The climate that your piano lives in could have unstable humidity which affects a piano's ability to stay in tune. This can be stabilized with a climate control system. Please check the Piano Store page on the main menu for the climate control systems and supplies.

Piano Accessories- Piano covers and piano dollies are available. Call for prices.

Tuning tool