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Grand Piano Trucks

Our Grand Piano Trucks have sturdy-steel, telescoping legs that are easily adjustable for the angle at the center. At the end of each leg is a square swivel socket to hold the piano leg. Piano legs set 2-1/2" off floor. Equipped with three 5" diameter, locking swivel casters with black polyurethane "Hi-Tech" wheels. Shipping weight 105-130 lbs. Powder coat black finish. When ordering for either Yamaha or Kawai grand pianos, please give us the model number or overall piano length as their leg dimensions differ slightly, thereby requiring a smaller size truck. Shipped via UPS in two cartons.


#4012 for Grands 4'8" - 5'11" with 3" square sockets

#4013 for Grands 6' - 7'6" with 3 1/2" square sockets

#4014 for Concert Grands 3 1/2" square sockets

Upright Piano Dollies

Our Upright Piano Dollies are excellent for use in schools, show rooms, churches, homes, etc., where upright pianos need to be moved about quickly and easily.

Here are the upright dollies we offer:

#4003 Heavy Duty Twin Dollie

Although designed for large studio and school pianos, these heavy duty, steel twin dollies with 5" diameter, ball bearing, swivel casters can be used on any vertical piano whose bottom panel measures less than 14-1/2" in depth. For any rough moving surface such as carpeting, these dollies are a must. Also, when encountering narrow doorways, only 7" is added to the piano's overall width. Screw holes on both sides and bottom braces are used for securing the piano to the dolly. Only raises piano 3/4" off the ground. Weighing 44 lbs. per pair, measuring 28" long x 9" wide and finished in black. Mounting hardware NOT included.

#4006 Adjustable Piano Truck

Heavy tubular construction and adjustable in width and length. Width adjustable from 12" to 18" inside rubber bumpers. Be careful when ordering for large Yamaha or Kawai pianos as in some instances their widths are greater than 18". Length adjustable from 34" to 56" overall. Overall width 33-3/8". Pay particular attention to this dimension if truck is to be moved about between rooms. If door sizes are a problem, order a custom-made No. 4011 Truck. Equipped with three 5" diameter, locking swivel casters with black polyurethane "Hi-Tech" wheels. Powder coat black finish. Shipping weight approx. 100 lbs. via UPS in 2 cartons.

#4008 Spinet Piano Truck

Tubular steel construction in powder coat black finish. Adjustable both in length (46-1/2" to 61-1/2") and width (17-3/4" to 30") to accommodate most spinets. Rubber bumpers protect the piano finish. Adjust to fit individual piano easily and quickly. The design affords complete protection and support to the piano legs, and without strain, as the piano is rolled about. Ball-bearing, swivel casters with rubber-tired wheels...large enough to roll easily while raising the piano only 2-1/8" off the floor. Back two casters are 3-1/4" in diameter, front four casters are 3" diameter. Overall height of truck from floor 5-3/4". Shipping weight 53 lbs. Shipped via UPS.

#4009 Twin Dollies, 2-1/2" Casters

Excellent for use in schools, show rooms, churches, etc., where upright pianos need to be moved about quickly and easily...Raises piano only 3/4" off the floor. Silent 2-1/2" hard rubber tired wheels protect the floor finish. Well designed for perfect balance...heavy frame construction for years of service. Inside dolly dimension 15-1/4", they measure 22-1/4" x 8-1/2", and are finished in black. Shipping weight 22 lb.s. Mounting hardware NOT included.