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1891 Knabe Brazilian Rosewood Grand Piano  $15,900

For questions, contact Susan Hoolihan at (218) 326-3962. The piano is located in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

This is an 1891 Knabe Brazilian Rosewood 7' Victorian Living Room Grand Piano. The piano is 5 feet 11 inches long with a serial number of 34822. The piano has been well maintained since it was purchased by the present owner in 1989 and rebuilt by a professional tuner technician during the summer of 1990. This piano is in very good condition.

During the rebuilding process in 1990, the action was rebuilt with new hammers of which were voiced, new shanks and flanges, action reconditioned with felt and center pins replaced. The keyboard was recovered with new white ivorine tops, the black keys were cleaned and polished and old buttons replaced, re-bushed fronts and new damper lift felt was installed. The bass dampers and treble damper felts were replaced and the wires were polished, the springs cleaned and worn leather replaced after which the piano was completely regulated. During the restringing process, the plate was lifted, the soundboard was repaired and refinished with the pin block re-bored for 4/0 nickel-plated tuning pins. New bass and treble wires were installed with shop tunings and follow-up tunings as needed. The pedal mechanism was repaired to working order. There is a complete climate control system installed under the piano. This piano has been reconditioned with good workmanship. It has been tuned every 6 months since 1990 under the current owner by professional piano tuning technicians.

This piano is a valuable antique because of the reputation of the maker, the rarity of the Rosewood case design, the intricately carved music rack, legs and pedal lyre and the rebuilders' workmanship. However, there are a few case ornamentations and small areas of veneer that is missing as noted in the pictures. There are no cracks in the soundboard, no bench included and for ease of moving, the casters roll very well. This "Living Room Grand" was popular in larger homes and conservatories of the Victorian era while being substantial enough for a professional musician or small auditorium. Knabe pianos were known for having a sweet and harmonious tone that was ideal for vocal accompaniment. The price of this piano is $15,900. Any moving or transportation of the piano is up to the buyer.